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MPA River City Festival Info

Hello Gloria!


Welcome to the 2017 River City Dragon Boat Festival for teambuilding fun, and to support the fight against cancer in Manitoba! Thank you so much for bringing  the “Waves of Hope” crew to paddle with us and to raise funds to help Manitobans and their families who are on a cancer journey.


Did you know that the Canadian Cancer Society is the largest charitable funder of cancer research in Canada? Did you know that the team could direct 100% of the funds they raise to cancer research?


Now, the next step is to get your paddlers to sign the on-line waiver (which we need every paddler to do, ASAP). To sign the waiver, here is the link: I want to join my team online and sign the waiver !

Now, they click on “Search for a Team” in the red box on the right , then scroll down to find “Waves of Hope” in the list and click on “Join this team”.  They will then need to scroll down the Participation options to the Paddler registration options and choose the “Paddlers: Join Your Team as a Paddler” option.


Please send the Paragraph above to each paddler, so they can accept their own waiver and setup their own personal page, which will allow them to do online fundraising, if they choose. Remember, they need to have signed the waiver before they can participate.


Now that you have registered the team, the MPA will be sending you a link and password that will allow you to book your team’s practice sessions.


Once they have joined the team and accepted the online waiver, they can also set up their “Participant Center” (Personal Page) which will allow them to do safe and secure online fundraising. Once there, they will find fundraising tips and pledge request templates they can send to friends, family and colleagues across the country. Monies raised will help Manitobans who are fighting cancer through cutting edge research, clinical trials, and vital service and support programs (to name a few).For more information, go to , or see the attached “Top 10 Research Stories”, or contact me.


We so appreciate the efforts you and your team will  make on behalf of Manitobans who are fighting cancer! We can assist you with your fundraising with ideas and tips to help make it easier and more fun. Please  know that I am here to help with any questions or problems you may have, and to provide tips and techniques to help make fundraising easier and more fun. Please keep in mind that your team registration fees cover the cost of the festival and practice sessions.


Some folks prefer to ask for donations in person. We can help there as well. I have attached a “printable pledge form” along with both Team and Paddler fundraising hints.  Using the online methods usually are easier, and result in larger donations. Collecting pledges online is much easier. We are making great inroads in the cancer fight, but much remains to be done.


Once again this year, we will recognize the Top 8 Fundraising Teams with a Special Recognition Race, where all 8 teams will race “head to head”! Super Fun!


Please let me know if you have any questions, I am here to help!


Once more, thank you so much for choosing to paddle with us, and for your support for the cancer fight!


There will be an “Open House” information session for Team Captains and paddlers on Monday, May 8th at 7:00 PM here at CCS. Kindly RSVP your attendance plans.


Thanks again! Dave



Dave McKnight

Fundraising Coordinator, Dragon Boat Festivals

Canadian Cancer Society, Manitoba


Tel 204-788-4547  Cel 204-333-5275

193 Sherbrook Street

Winnipeg, Manitoba  R3C 2B7


Connect with us online  |  Facebook  |  Twitter  |  YouTube


Together, we are stronger The Canadian Cancer Society is thrilled to announce that the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation has joined the family so we can have more impact in the cancer fight today and into the future. We’re coming together to increase the impact of donor dollars by improving our performance, reducing our costs and focusing more of our resources – human and financial – to fund research, enhance our advocacy efforts and provide meaningful programs that support cancer patients and their families.

Join our new Canadian Cancer Society Dragon Boat Festival Facebook Page! Click here: CCS Dragonboat Facebook

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