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About Us

Who We Are
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Waves of Hope Dragon Boat Team formed in 1999 as Canada’s 12th dragon boat team for breast cancer survivors. We are based in Brandon, Manitoba, Canada and our members live within a 200 km radius of Brandon in western Manitoba. We meet to celebrate life and to pursue better health through fitness, sport, social events and outreach activities.

Our team roster includes both active paddlers (breast cancer survivors) and a support team (may or may not be survivors). A full crew of our dragon boat team is 20 paddlers, one steersperson and one drummer.

Each year we begin dry land training in April for the upcoming summer season. When the winter ice leaves Lake Minnedosa, 50 km north of Brandon, we practice weekly throughout the summer season in our beloved Kindred Spirit. Festivals and demonstrations round out our season on the water.

Mission Statement

We celebrate life through dragon boat paddling, raising awareness, and promoting early detection of breast cancer.


            “Prevention is your best Protection”


Vision Statement

To reach all Westman/Parkland residents with our message of early detection, hope and vitality, while offering encouragement and support after a diagnosis of breast cancer.


About our Logo


The logo of the Waves of Hope Dragon Boat Team shows a dragon “rising from rough waters”, symbolizing how we are rising above the adversity of breast cancer. The teardrop shape of the dragon tail represents those who have been lost to this disease. The victorious and proud pose of our dragon illustrates our pledge to promote hope and survivorship in others.

The logo was designed in 1999, by Erin Lourie, a grade 12 student at Crocus Plains High School, Brandon, Manitoba.

Dragon boat

About our boat

Kindred Spirit is 41’ (12.6 meters) long plus the head and tail (the length of a typical city bus) and only wide enough for 2 paddlers. She holds 20 paddlers (sitting in pairs, facing forward), a drummer and steers person. In our boat the steerer is in charge with the drummer repeating her commands. The strokes (paddlers in seats 1 and 5) set the pace.


Our boat is a tangible thing that represents our special connection.

Kindred spirit is real -- it is the way we feel about each other -- we all work toward the same goal, having shared a similar medical experience thus being in the same “boat”.


Kindred spirit is being the sister sitting beside us who knows better than anyone what we think and feel. It is the thought that we are never alone in our experiences, that someone else has broken trail before us. Our kindred spirit connects us with our team mates and those who have gone but still paddle with us, now and forever.

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